Alphabet City - TVS on Behance

Alphabet City on Typography Served

Another isometric illustration personal project, but this time I made it more minimalistic and more detail on each objects.

"The Gentelmen Store Est. - Isometric Illustration, Personal Project by Mario Mario (b.

L'Auditori 2014 on Behance #isometric #illustration #character

L'Auditori 2014 by Miquel Tura Rigamonti, via Behance

low-poly face step by step example

Zerbamine - wow these are stunning

Zerbamine - wow these are stunning Más

potion.09 by sangjoon yoon, via Behance

Potion Product Line 09

Res Choice 3D process by *jermilex on deviantART - 3D Typography Design Modelling

Res Choice process by *jermilex on deviantART - Typography Design Modelling. Nice little process piece. Good to see how he sets up his lighting using proxy objects to speed render time and puts in the detailed objects later.

18c6dd06fbe43808d11aa8d1a973ab5c.png (658×3436)

Illustration of the object/space only, no bigger context (signature moment of the concept)

Simple day on Behance - created via

Simple day on Behance. - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All


Japanese Modeling technique(this terrifies me)

et pourquoi pas différentes planètes ? belles ambiances lumineuses

ArtStation - Bright Worlds, Ricardo M.

Islands of VIVO by Liu Yuantao -ADIDAG, via Behance

launcher theme designed for VIVO.

C4D file in attachment - Rocket Lift off

Rocket Lift off

If you need some inspiration, we selected 30 creative low poly illustrations you should check out! These low poly illustrations will surely inspire you!

LOWPOLY (sub 1000~ triangle models) - Page 371 - Polycount Forum

LOWPOLY character (sub triangle models) - Page 371 - Polycount Forum

World Tank by Paohan Chen, via Behance

World Tank by Paohan Chen, via Behance Концепт игра-томагочи

Double B Coffee by Maxim Goudin, via Behance

Illustrations for Double B Coffee Design by Illarion Gordon - Kenya