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Read All About It! 50 All-Time Favorite Children's Books

Adorable bunny trail idea for the kids to find their Easter baskets!

So much better than hopscotch.

Your child will follow your example. Not your advice.

Explaining Santa. Perfect. Will hold on for the future.

Project: Make A Kid's Car Mat with your kids. It's easy and inexpensive!! Lots of great pics in this post.

A kiss to start his journey in life...a promise that he will be loved...a hope that he will be happy..and a confidence that shows him that EVERY person has greatness within them through courage, strength and wisdom. Believe you are GREAT and you WILL be..KNOW that life will get you down but it's NOT over, YOU have the power to change your's NEVER too late..NEVER..;)

Over 70 fun and easy crafts & activities that little Boys will love! (And Girls might love them too!)

Corn Flowers! It's hard for little kids to handle a whole ear of corn, but eating scraped-off kernels isn't much fun.

sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart

Old Coffee Table + Chalkboard Paint = Awesome Drawing Table for Kids.

Ughhhh love. ❤️❤️❤️

The Sweetest Baby Pictures I've Ever Seen

Movie night snack necklaces... Let the kids make their own before the movie! How fun is this!

Power foods for better breastfeeding to keep up your energy and your milk supply. I already eat half these foods on a daily basis, keeping up won't be as hard as I thought! :)

Instead of saving all your kids art work in piles or boxes, scan them and make a coffee table book. This will be something they will treasure for decades to come.

“Mommy, Somebody Needs You.” ... made me cry.

Skip the Mylicon drops and Gripe water with toxic ingredients and try this safe gas remedy instead with your baby. www.thehealthyhom...

To moms of boys especially- if you're going to do it, do it right! How to cut boys hair the professional way

Chevron pillow case dress sizes 3m5t by KuteKidzCouture on Etsy

The 10 Pictures You Need to Take on Baby's First Day...good to have for the future