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Louisville, Kentucky USA  ·  SBS geek, blogger, author, fake cartoonist, troublemaker, papercut survivor.
Tim Barrett
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Todo el mundo tiene Ikea en estos días, ¿qué tal tomar esta idea y destacar con originalidad?

Along with the Bathroom Cabinet Doors from the ~about to be demolished~ house in Scandia Alberta Canada, I scooped up the Drawers fr.

A #StormTrooper's gotta do what a StormTrooper's gotta do! #BikeToWork #StarWars

A gotta do what a StormTrooper's gotta do! - if given the choice of a closer look at the armour worn by a storm trooper or a closer look at the Ridley I'd choose the Ridley every time

MUNCHTIME - Fred & Friends

Take a bite out of your lunch with Munchtime! Colorful T-Rex opens and closes its mouth as you squeeze the easy-to-use, animated chopsticks. They make every meal jawesome!

I Am Vader Short Sleeve Button-Up - Exclusive

Button-up short sleeve shirt lets you dress just like the Empire's dad, without all the bulk and discomfort of a full Vader suit. Perfect for spending the summer chasing your kids around the galaxy!