See this is why cats are annoying this is so true and it's disturbing in the extreme.

Books, the other catnip…

What is it with cats and books? <-- they can't read, but they still love books. Before I could read, my mother says I sat around chewing on books.

So true...chihuahuas are so evil  and scary


Yep, Chihuahuas are evil little dogs that like to nip and bite and draw blood. I've been bitten by many chihuahuas, and never even had a pitty growl at me.

Too true!

Cats don’t care…

Doing something bad: Dog VS Cat. My dog looks like the cat after doing something bad!

SEEEEE??!! They are murderous monsters covered in fur to trick you

Petting a dog vs. petting a cat…

Funny pictures about Petting a dog vs. petting a cat. Oh, and cool pics about Petting a dog vs. petting a cat. Also, Petting a dog vs. petting a cat.


Sweet baby jeebus, I can relate. I pinned this under "relatable", but it belongs with "so annoying, I could rip your hair out".

so true!

How true!

ashamed to say that I have caught myself doing this while studying many times :D. Even staring at a wall becomes interesting while studying

anything is better than Twilight. Twilight is worse than rubbish. It has no redeeming quality

Funny pictures about Literature today. Oh, and cool pics about Literature today. Also, Literature today.

Why don't we go around the room and introduce ourselves... How about NO.

Funny pictures about The first day of school. Oh, and cool pics about The first day of school. Also, The first day of school photos.

This is so true and it barely scratches the surface--actually it leaves out the biggest reason: dogs save your life, BUT THE CATS ARE PLOTTING TO KILL YOU JUST LOOK AT THEIR EYES and also they walk so quietly you won't hear it when they make the final spring to maul you

This made me laugh.I love dogs and cats obviously bc I'm an animal NUT!dogs are more awesome! Better personalities, more fun, overall just better ;


ok confession time, my most embarrassing moment ever was when i fell off the couch because of this at a sleepover with some people i didnt know that well<<<< I once fell off of my bed and hit the heater.