Should I call a plumber ... or an electrician?

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Electrical work - Back in the day, my grandfather, Mr. Lee Thompson, was an electrical lineman. Bravo to him as it was very dangerous work and certainly served a purpose in the development of our country.

for H - in case he tires of his present job, there's always electrical work to come back to ;

Photography by Andreas Gefeller

Photography by Andreas Gefeller Removing subject from context - gorg!

Let the Idiots Weed Themselves Out

"What can I lean the ladder against? Wait, I have a great idea!

❖illegal connection | Jahangir Khan

KARACHI: October 23 – A view of illegal connection from an electric pole by the residents of Lines area and needs the attention of concerned authorities. APP photo by Jahangir Khan

overloaded | Above: an overloaded outlet with no cover

Home inspections: they’re meant to protect the home-buyer from any nasty maintenance surprises post sale. In a way though, they also protect the seller from any non-disclosure lawsuit, or in …