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Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

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Cute one! Paint one or two nails while they're sleeping - and set the elf up with nailpolish :)

Crepe Paper barricade the doorway

Rolling down the stairs in a TP roll

Elf on the Shelf -- "Dear Children, you stayed awake so very late last night that I was not able to make my nightly trip to the North Pole. Please, tonight go to sleep on time so I am able to fly back to report to Santa."

Leaving powdered sugar footprints

Locked Outside

Hiding in a see-through place (Coffee-Pot, Blender, Cookie Jar, Glass)

Taking a cotton ball bubble bath in the bathroom sink

Hiding in the silverware drawer

Hanging from the ceiling fan

Making "cookies" for the kids (Just use round cereal with sprinkles stuck to the top with icing - Cheerios, Cookie Crisp, etc...)

Hanging ornaments

Sledding down a cookie sheet dusted with powdered sugar

Getting into the candy/cookie jar

Climbing with Candy Cane

Drawing mustaches on family photos (on the glass with a dry erase marker)

Getting a tan under a lamp

Wrapping the toilet in wrapping paper (or something else around the house)

Sleeping in a hot dog bun

Underwear parasailing

Taking "bubble bath" in mini marshmallows

Exercising/ Yoga Class - posed with other dolls

Making house (out of cardboard box) and marshmallow snowman for his front yard

Playing video games with controller