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Belle Boyd

Belle Boyd Confederate Spy of the American Civil War. Her book, Belle Boyd in Camp and Prison, is an embellished version of her exploits as a spy in the American Civil War. Belle Boyd is remembered as a Confederate spy who operated in the Shenandoah area.

Louis XIV was born in in France. He became king in 1643 and started reforming France in In 1667 he invaded the Spanish Netherlands and engaged in.

Louis the 14th

History: This is a photo of Louis XIV (the sun king). In the France dominated Europe. Louis XIV (the sun king) was their leader, and started his own monarchy.

Louis XIV on a unicorn

King Louis XIV The Black codes were started by the French King Louis XIV in the year 1685 as a preventive measure to stop enslaved Black people from caus

Political Party, Weird, Outlander

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Never forget the important role tea played in our nations history. The store will be closed today so enjoy time celebrating our nation and our freedom!

The Modern Whigs are a ultra fringe 3rd party

The Modern Whigs are a ultra fringe party

Whig to party

In the mid a new political party came to prominence known as the whigs. This plicture shows a political ad for their party which competed with the democrats over the coming decades.