Tonight on a very special Blossom...

Blossom - everything about the intro screams of my childhood. I can remember DESPERATELY wanting to make a skirt out of ties after seeing it in Sassy. Then Blossom went and did it. I was so jealous!

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Blossom - what young girl didn't watch Blossom? She was the appitomy of what everygirl asspired to be - I mean the Russo's bro's WERE her 'on set' brothers and they were huge heart throbs at the time :)

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Style Icons 'Blossom', perhaps not here, but boy did I want to dress like her when I was And it's just blown my mind - the actress, Mayim Bialik, is also Amy Farrah Fowler in the Big Bang Theory. Totes can see it now!

Blossom - My fave show as a 90s kid!

Why we thought big hats needed to be adorned with even bigger fabric flowers is beyond comprehension, but it was a super fun, playful trend. Thanks for everything, Blossom!

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Ultimate 80's CHARM Necklace - FRINGE Statement Necklace - OOAK. $165.00, via Etsy.

Ultimate 80's CHARM Necklace - FRINGE Statement Necklace - OOAK

The ultimate charm statement necklace! My own arrangement featuring 35 classic charms on a thick plastic red link chain. Chain links almost