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    TimeShareResort-Treetop Village, Lake of the Ozarks, MO

    You will love this unique 5 Star time share resort village located in the desirable Horseshoe Bend area on the Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri. We liked it so well on our first time share exchange we purchased a resale unit from one of the owners. Many of the timeshare units are on a hillside over looking The Lake Of The Ozarks. You will not regret exchanging into this Interval affiliated resort. It is a high demand resort. Much to do.

    TimeShareResort-Treetop Village, Lake of the Ozarks, MO

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    Visit and Enjoy. Treetop Village, MO

    Treetop Village, a timeshare resort worth visiting or exchanging into.

    Next time I will get a better shot. A view of the Castle and its background.

    A castle I was talking about in an earlier picture.

    Always have to have ice cream. Downtown "Lake Of The Ozarks". Lots of interesting stores to walk around and see.

    I'm busy, as usual. It's vacation, right?

    Elaine making breakfast.

    A small kitchen but windows from floor to ceiling with a view towards the lake. Remember, this is a two story circular unit. The circular stairways lead to a downstairs bedroom and bath.

    I'm coming. Don't worry. I know how to ride a horse.

    A chance to go horseback riding in a State Park in Missouri.

    Another view of the "Lake Of The Ozarks". Well worth having a timeshare property there.

    Back to the pool at Treetop Village. This pool is on a hill overlooking "Lake Of The Ozarks"

    The parks in Missouri are beautiful and "Free".

    A wonderful show. Other pictures are on this board inside the "Main Street Opry" we attended. Well worth seeing.

    Aerial view of "Lake Of The Ozarks"

    This is the time share unit we purchased about 10 years ago. This resort is in high demand by people who wish to trade into these units. We own a prime summer week that we purchased from an owner who had used it for almost 20 years. He no longer lived in the United States and wished to sell. We purchased it dirt cheap. The resort association maintains the units to keep them in excellent condition.

    Beauty was all we saw. What was interesting, according to the captain of the cruise boat, was that taxes on a lot of these lots and homes were cheaper than property of the same caliber in Minnesota

    A map of "Lake Of The Ozarks"

    A picture of the timeshare unit we lived in for one week. We also purchased a unit similar to this on the resale market by going to the resort office and asking if any owners were willing to sell.

    Many condos on this lake.

    Don't leave the resort without taking the entertaining cruise on "Lake of the Ozarks". This is one of the many huge homes on the lake.

    One of the things we enjoyed was visiting several state parks in Missouri. Another thing we liked was that in Missouri there are no park fees. All parks are maintained in the State with a 1% or less sales tax. No entrance fees. Makes sense to me.

    My wife was taking the picture. The stories the captain told about this area of Missouri were very entertaining. He also was able to point out the various homes on this lake and he told about many of the wealthy people that owned them. This is a huge lake with as many as 300 or so bass tournaments a year.

    A cruise on " Lake of the Ozarks". Very entertaining. The captain was very knowledgeable about everything on the lake. This boat came right up to the docks at Treetop Resort. We were able to sit on top along with other time share owners staying at the resort. This was well worth the $20 or so for each of us.

    A close-up of the musical.