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Christian Encouragement

Practical and inspiring links to encourage you in your Christian walk. From Time-Warp Wife and friends.

Christian Encouragement

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The Women Living Well Book Club {Free Materials for Leaders} - Women Living Well

A W Tozer

The radical life I thought I’d live has turned into picking up crumbs off the floor, sharpening pencils for the school day and tapping on a keyboard in my kitchen…Radical – smh – sure doesn’t feel like it...

A Creative Way to Share the Gospel -perfect for VBS! A fun method for kids!

Balancing Family & Ministry & Launching a Book - Women Living Well

How do you prepare your girl to become a lovely young woman? To teach her about truth and beauty? Here's how to help her grow into beautiful womanhood! 24 Ways to Prepare Your Young Girl to Become a Lovely Young Woman ~ Club31Women

Have you ever seen someone display peace in the midst of the storm? And you wondered how they could do that? Join us in reading what God's Word says about the perfect peace beyond our human comprehension.

Want to have an unforgettable yet simple summer? Here are 20+ ideas to help you stay present, pay attention and enjoy this summer with your kids! Remember, it's not about the "big memories." Everyday memories, made in the rhythm and routine of life, can be some of your kids' best memories.

We are so excited to invite you to join us in The Five Day Challenge to Transform Your Parenting! Simple, intentional changes and encouragement for moms in our community begins today!

Anxiety is every evil piled into one. It's so lonely, and you feel like no one gets you. If fear, worry, and depression steal your days away, you are not alone. It's not hopeless. There IS hope.

How should we pray over our children? How can we bring them before the throne of grace? Here's a very helpful guide using Psalm 28 in your bedtime prayers. A Mother's Guide to Bedtime for Your Child ~ Club31Women

Did you know that the first 30 minutes can dramatically affect the remainder of your day? And that of your family too? Here's why it's so important how we start the day.....Those First 30 Minutes That Determine the Rest of Your Day ~ Club31Women

What I Learned During My Year Back At Kindergarten :

As moms there are many things we want our children to know, but as a mom for 25 years now (and my youngest still only four years old) I find as the years past my priorities for my kids focus more on Jesus’ priorities. And what was one of those priorities at the top of the list? Caring for “the least of these.” More than anything Jesus wants us to care for those without honor, without resources, and often without hope. When we do this for your children, we are training them to love as Jesus loved.

Are you looking for a fun bible study for your kids this summer? Help them learn to apply biblical wisdom in their everyday life with The Dig for Kids: Proverbs. A guide with the lessons already laid out for you, we’ve made teaching the Bible simple!

Suburban Stereotype: God sent Jonah into the crosshairs when he sent him to preach to terrorsists. Would you go if God called you to preach to ISIS?

Love Bible apps? Which one is the best one to use? Find out here!

A Princess Prayer- written for daughters of the King everywhere

Deliberate Women: Throughout our lives we all make plans. Most of the time those plans are concerning our futures and where we see ourselves in the coming years. But what happens when those plans get sidetracked and veer off course, or even get turned complete upside down by God?

“You don’t measure up.” “Something is wrong with you. “ “You aren’t enough.” Ever hear these words before? Maybe not verbally spoken directly to you (or maybe so) but rather in your head?

Long and lazy summer days are upon us and soon our children will have too much time on their hands, and too many technological choices competing for their attention. When grumbling begins, when tensions arise, how can we, as moms, give creative solutions that bring our family together? How can we cultivate a summer of sweet memories? You need the Blanket Fort Solution! And a whole list of other summer time, family building activities that will keep you connected- not to mention, some free music to download and enjoy together! Here's to summer! The fun starts right here!

Did you have visions of the kind of awesome parent you would be one day, only to find reality looked a bit different? As our lives change and grow, and our limitations come to light, we might look very different than the parents we thought we'd become. However, there are still a few ideals that we can hold tight to, guiding principles for parenting well that are worth fighting for. Are you holding fast to the good stuff?

Do you ever feel frustration or discouragement as a mom? Don't merely muddle-through motherhood. Here's how to prepare for the important work before you! Motherhood - What Every Woman on a Mission Should Know ~ Club31Women

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." ~Philippians 4:6-7 #trust #strength #faith #overcomeroutreach #peace

Are you going through a difficult trial? Have life's problems weighed you down so much that you thought you would never feel whole again?