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Decent Exposure . . . Modesty isn't about hiding ourselves, it's about revealing our dignity!

Every couple is faced with a choice: will you give up and turn back, or will you stand up and face the giants before you? | Time-Warp Wife

Let's Get Thankful

Anxiety affects our mothering, our hearts, our thoughts....but also our marriages. Does your husband see you struggling? Here's how to reach out, to your man, and to God, to ask for help in times of need.

In Him we live and move and have our being. Acts 17:28

Friends, I've so enjoyed personalizing all your wreath orders from #gracelacedshoppe. Our wreath prints celebrate weddings, anniversaries, and family, and I'm so honored to add a personal touch to these commemorations of the grace-filled work of choosing "I do" day after day. They point to Christ because, simply put: We choose and love one another because He chose and loved us first.

Are you struggling with disappointment In your circumstances or in your marriage? It's difficult to offer thanksgiving when gratitude isn't an emotion we feel, but prayer can carry us beyond disappointment and transform our hearts. Here's how to really experience gratitude...

Ever made a huge mistake, turned away from wisdom and found your life in a mess? We've all been there, but somehow that doesn't make it any easier to watch someone we love struggle in the same way. If you have loved one who is living in a mess these days, here are some practical ways to love them well and continue to be a voice of truth in their life....

Our pursuit is about God's glory not our own.

Does your spouse get your best? Often it's easy to share our cheerfulness and energy with others and turn into an irritated, tired or discouraged version of ourselves with those we love most. Be intentional to give them your heart first!

The issue of modesty is an important topic of discussion to have with our children, but often, many parents only talk about modesty with their daughters. Here's why it is crucial that we also share about this topic with our sons!

A friend gave me some advice as a new parent. He shared a Bible verse for my current season of life, and it changed me forever. Through all the trials, stresses, and exhaustion of life, there will always be an enemy. But you don't have to accept that. In everything there is life, and there is joy.

Outdoor activities every married couple should experience


His love is forever ❤️


The darkness has not overcome it.

Mom Sets the Tone -- 5 Ways to Reset Your Mood When Anger Strikes -- a great reminder about patience and self-control!

Do you have a tween at home? If so, then you are all too familiar with the ups and downs of emotions and circumstances that can catch you off guard everyday! Maybe in the midst, we can learn to see the true beauty unfolding and love our tweens the way God loves us- we're learning how together on the blog today.

What can we do when we lose our joy? As a Mom, there are are dishes, laundry, and other chores that threaten to steal our passion and joy for life. The day-to-day grind is not easy, and sometimes we have to fight to remember to be happy. Here are 7 habits that joyful moms have used to get back on track and live joy-filled lives again.

Could you stand to learn how to become a better listener in your marriage? If so, these 6 tips are a great start! ::

Children need hope. How do we, as parents, give it to them? Kids have an innate understanding of when they've done something wrong. Speaking to our kids about their weaknesses and sin is actually an opportunity to give them hope. Read more at The Better Mom!

Memorial Day | Don't Let the Stories Die!

Do you think of your children as "tasks" or hearts?" It's easy to want to cross everything off our daily to-do list. Sometimes we need to consider how our children feel when Mom is busy and distracted.  How often are your children present, but abandoned, in your day?

Are you waiting for a miracle in your marriage? For your spouse to change, for your circumstances to improve, for God to intervene? Here's how to wait well.