Timjami Varamäki

Timjami Varamäki

Helsinki / Costume designer for theater and film from Helsinki.
Timjami Varamäki
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Otto Dix - The Goodbye to Hamburg - 1921

The Goodbye to Hamburg, 1921 by Otto Dix (German 1891 –

Otto Dix.

Artist's Daughter Nelly by Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix, 1891 ~ 1969

Otto Dix - portrait. i love him, absolute weirdo.

Otto Dix Portrait of the Journalist Sylvia von Harden, mixed media on wood, 120 x 88 cm, Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou

Portrait of the dancer Anita Berber, 1925, Otto Dix

german-expressionists: “ Otto Dix, Portrait of the Dancer Anita Berber, 1925 “Raised by a grandmother in Dresden, she fled to Berlin at age 16 where she supported herself in caberets. By the end of.