Dribbble - Alarms.png by Valik Boyev

Dribbble - App_Settings_2.jpg by Daniela Alves

App_Settings_2.jpg by Daniela Alves

Vebee Player Equalizer by Alexandru Stoica

equalizer_full_size.png by Alexandru Stoica

Connected home ui 3

connected_home_ui_3.png by Austin Tapper

Facebook Newsfeed Preferences / ?

Updated Controls for News Feed | Facebook Newsroom


Dribbble - playwith_ui.png by Charlie Isslander

Settings UI

Dribbble - Settings UI by Iftikhar Ahmad

Job App Settings / seong lee

Job App Settings

iOS App Settings screen by Daniela Alves

iOS App Settings screen

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Wifi sharing app – Igor Koshelev #color #iconography

Dribbble - hotspot_profile_full.png by delmonto


Dribbble - Settings.png by Cody Iddings


Dribbble - Settings by Thomas Michel


Dribbble - s.iphone.001.png by Jeno K-Man


Dribbble - IMG_0401.PNG by Austin Valleskey

Stack Lighting Android App

Dribbble - Stack-Lighting-Manage.png by Chris Griffith

Chat Setting UI

Chat Setting UI


Dribbble - Orignal.png by Iftikhar Ahmad

Walle Finance App [Settings & Date Picker] by Alexander Zaytsev

Walle Finance App [Settings & Date Picker]

Sleep Time App by Michal Langmajer

Dribbble - 3.png by Michal Langmajer

Menote - Profile Material Design #materialdesign #Mobile #UI

Menote - Profile Material

VPN Full/Auto Protection

VPN Full/Auto Protection

settings | TabPatterns: Tablet UI Patterns

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Pttrns - Checkmark 2

Pttrns - Checkmark 2

Pttrns - YPlan - New York and London

Pttrns - YPlan - New York and London