INSPIRATION: swamp lights - tea lights in jars secured to garden stakes with duct tape... finish with paper mache, paint, and aged gauze

INSPIRATION: swamp lights - tea lights in jars secured to garden stakes with duct tape. finish with paper mache, paint, and aged gauze. I'm thinking solar lights for the herb garden.

Cool tombstone

A nice smiling tombstone. Could fill the eyes in with a light mist of fluorescent paint and point a black light at it and it would look pretty creepy at night.

Funny Tombstones

Here lies Scotty fife, for fooling around with the Marshall's wife, Funny Tombstones This is More Like it! Com on lets Repurpis the dirt from The 5 Gal. containers into Boot hill Cemetery.

Build a "blind" to hide your fogger

going to use a cooler for the base of a tombstone and run the hose through it, than hide with side rocks

Keebas tombstones

instead of carving out, maybe glue one on top of the other for a 3 dimensional effect?

More ideas
DIY tutorial - Halloween styrofoam headstones - I don't know that I'll be this enthusiastic this year - maybe next year?

How to Make Styrofoam Tombstones For Halloween

DIY Styrofoam Relief - using a soldering iron & drywall compound. Detailed TUTORIAL is for making Halloween decor, but this is a Fab technique & it also contains a recipe for making a faux stone paint finish! I could do several things with this!

Skeletons Carrying Coffin - DIY Halloween Decoration!

Skeletons Carrying Coffin - Step-by-step instructions on to create this vignette using a styrofoam coffin, Walgreens skeletons, PVC pipes, rebar and florist wire.

outdoor zombie Outdoor Halloween Decorations

25 Outdoor Halloween Decorations Ideas

HOW TO MAKE STYROFOAM TOMBSTONES FOR Lynne Mitchell..I a lucky I work (her day job)with this amazing talented woman!

how to make styrofoam tombstones for halloween. one of the best memories from my childhood is a haunted house party that our parents threw for us. complete with a graveyard on the lawn(styrofoam)