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Expecting mothers can get an MRI image taken of their baby that gets sent to a 3D printer to create the replica. Each printout comes in a delicate jewelry box and measures about 3.5 inches tall.

See...getting pregnant really is an epidemic...thank god I take pills to prevent catching it. ;)

DIY Herb Garden by readymade: Grow it, eat it! #Herbs #Garden #DIY readymade

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My husband would love these light saber popsicles!

Meet the maids! In a little frame, post a picture of each girl and tell how you met & why you chose them to be in your wedding, display at the reception or bridal shower, etc.

Simple, inexpensive and beautiful - babys breath in vase with floating candle

I know everyone has seen this already but I still think it's awesome and plan to do it some day.

maybe one day I can do these looks!

  • Denise OC

    That would be awesome! I need to learn how to braid