Beer Bottle Candle... Cool for an outdoor bar/patio. Or guy place. Found something to do with old beer bottles of ur Fav beers honey.

Beer Bottle Candle -- this is a thing that exists. It's definitely *interesting*. Forget the candle and you could have beer bottle wine glasses!

Create an outdoor movie theatre using a projector and white sheet. Add outdoor string lights and cushions to set the mood!

Style Your Staycation: Backyard Movie Night I'm in love with this day I want to throw a backyard movie night! (complete with bucket loads of bug spray haha)

birdcage planter

BIRDCAGE FLOWER-POT: Old, intricate birdcage repurposed into unique hanging flower basket. Also use with wicker, but more prone to rot.


Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: On August I'm going nowhere and protesting nothing to celebrate 'How about everyone shuts the f*** up about Chick-fil-A already' Day.