Christmas Gift Idea ~ Reindeer Thumbprint Coffee Mug... grandparents would love this! Dollar Tree mugs Acrylic paint Sharpie details bake to make dishwasher safe?

Crochet Stitch Tutorial: How to do the Magic Circle - I always forget how to do this and have to look it up.

The sharpie mug! FELLOW PINNERS BEWARE!!! I tried the regular sharpies and it didn't work. Get the OIL BASED SHARPIE PAINT PENS. They cost a little more, but seems to have worked. Decorate your mug, bake at 350 for 30 min. Let cool for a good while before messing with it. I washed them the next day with a rag and soap and that didn't take any sharpie off! I wouldn't put these in the dish washer though :) #diy #mug #sharpie

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