Sorry for the language.

Why is it odd that someone took their time to paint this? Put more effort into your jokes/memes/acid trips & fever dreams plz

I've found a few guys that I enjoy talking to.

"They all have the personality of an actual Adidas sandal" is the most accurate description ever

I'd say this if I were flying in a private jet. Unfortunately when you fly commercial, sometimes you're stuck up in the air with other people and their bullshit.

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When I travel the world and explore new places. I love being a stranger in a land that's foreign to me. No drama or BS.

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guardado por ThePorchLight

When I imagine the black market, I see livers and hearts on ice put out like fish at a market

Now I want to write about someone (a janitor?) who works in the literal black market. <<< I always imagined a tight, dark alleyway with stalls with black fabric roofing and it's set in the middle ages so.


Damnit I have a paternal twin not a maternal twin (which mean i have an unidentical twin) i. Brother and sister twin! Why Godamit But at the same time I don't think I would survive with a double me.

I wanna watch a James Bond movie wth Martin in it and his own wardrobe<<< I wanna see what Tom considers 'James Bond Charm'.

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