Cabin attic converted into a rustic and comfy bedroom

Cabin attic converted into a rustic and comfy bedroom. So charming cozy. Best room in the house! For my future cabin home.

// Tiny Houses (This Charming Life by Kaelah Bee)

Bedroom loft in a tiny home. Love all the various shades of white and off-white in this bedroom. The sheepskin rug is a great idea since you are likely crawling on the hard surface when using this tiny home loft.

Sunset Island, Lake Superior, Canada

Photography from Sunset Island, Lake Superior, Canada - The largest of the Great Lakes of North America


A Rustic bedroom nook. Beautiful Spaces and Places {rustic nook}-- Love the idea of putting a bed in a nook like this!

Meadow cabin.

Meadow cabin, beautiful and adventurous place to life, a cabin by the woods near a flower field.

Garden nest hideaway

BBC Boracay says: " This weaver's nest is not only for bird watcher - It's a romantic hideaway in your secret garden." I say it is a great place for the kids.

love the wood everywhere

Love the natural, warm wood on the floor and ceiling w/ cool blue walls and white furnishings. "Country home with barn doors"

inside a tiny house

Tiny Home Lifestyles: Cozy and Comfortable Never give up the homeowner's dream! You can build your own tiny home while saving money. Discover how to plan, budget and build your small dream home.

tiny house

Christopher & Merete's Truly Tiny Home on the Range

apartmenttherapy: Take the tour of a 127 square foot home. It’s cozy, efficient and costs hardly anything to power, but most importantly: it’s theirs — Christopher Merete’s Truly Tiny Home on the Range House Tour