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Hair Braids most popular since ancient times. Here are 30 Best braid hairstyles, which includes styles suited for both long hair and short hair that can Inspire You.

3 low ponytails, divided into loops & pinned.

14 Pretty Ways to Wear Your Hair This Summer

Loop chignon - make three ponytails just above the nape of your neck, and spray the sections with hairspray. Then working from the outer ponytails in, make loops with small sections of hair and pin in place.


White, Nude, Black Eyeliner On The Waterline . White makes eyes bigger. Nude also makes the eyes bigger in a subtle way. Black makes the eyes smaller and piercing.

Best eye makeup for brown eyes


Eye makeup for brown eyes

Eye makeup for brown eyes . I love this look. I rarely put on eye shadows anymore because I'm a C. at a prison.need a new job just so I can doll myself up again.

Eye Makeup for brown eyes

Top 10 Colors For Brown Eyes Makeup. love this green color. - looks s bit extreme, but pretty for the right party or concert