Behind me

Haha yup yup all three them bitches WILL be put in there places! Haha the mother daughter and the pathetic wannabe florist all working in the super market! Haha just wait for it ;

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12 Steps To Surviving A Long Distance Relationship

koalas are funny. koalas are smart. koalas are so cute. koalas are brave. koalas are herbivores.

Russell some ppl make us feel this way…granted its certain ppl for u and certain ppl for me but its understood i hate urs and u hate mine = y we r friends lol


Funny pictures about When I find good music. Oh, and cool pics about When I find good music. Also, When I find good music.

That awful moment when you realize this your circus and those are your monkeys.

Said about 10x's every shift. With a WTH and head shake each time.

15 Super Fast Things 4G Is Faster Than

It's like they took upper white middle class women getting together over kids on the playground/at the gym/doing charity work/having lunch and boiled them down to a single little statement that describes all of them.

Villain Punchlines – Posters de motivation pour méchants

it's all about perspective.... @Rachel Roberts @Paula Osborne @Tomie Lunsford Parks @Julie Bowen

some call it bitching. i call it verbal release therapy - I knew there was a clinical name for it.