Weathered barn with mossy roof. The swing and the leaves. the whole picture.


A real fixer-upper! Love the rickety old building and the variety of farm animals!

Old Barn...Americana style. I also offer unlimited pinning on my boards. Please check them out. Thanks. Bonnie

4th Of July Home Decor

Country Red, White & Blue - Barns and Flags, there's nothing more American than that!

This is a beautiful barn turned into a house! What a great way to preserve the past! Just beautiful.

Country Living: Beautiful Red Barn Why do I love barns so much? Maybe I was influenced by the greatness of farms in Lancaster, PA

Old Barn & Truck......

Old Barn Truck. husb had truck painted with that rustoleum. It was this old when he got it, but he loved that ol' truck.

Old barn ..rh

I guess I inherited my love of old barns from my dad; we would drive around on Sunday afternoons and stop to look at old rundown barns and houses