paki_ambulo.png (525×309)

Early whale evolution - Ambulocetus and Pakicetus - showing how hippos and whales evolved - hippos are the whales' closest relatives!

thylacosmilus_atrox_and_thylacoleo_carnifex_by_saulcontilde-d4lmiob.jpg (900×1273)

Thylacosmilus atrox and Thylacoleo carnifex by Saúl Velasco Martel

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Thylacosmilus atrox had huge saber-like teeth but its bite was weaker than that of a domestic cat.

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f47fa81aeb63279ac2641def3cc42a69.jpg (736×622)

ROTC-Pakicetus-fig.png (341×242)

Rise of the Cetacea: Part 1 - The Pakicetids ~ ROTC Pakicetus fig