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the six essential tips for writing villians infographical poster - click to enlarge
the 5 ways to craft complex characters info sheet with text overlaying each image
Novel Writing: 5 Ways To Craft Complex Characters
Writing characters who come to life on the page is difficult, but not impossible. Here's 5 novel writing character tips for crafting complex characters.
an article about how to describe the character in this book, and what it means
iconic chaos ♠︎ on Tumblr
the character chart for shakespeare's play, which includes characters and their roles as well as
Consistency and Character Development: the Benefits of Checklists and Worksheets
an iphone screen with the text hide your villain's message on it, and two other texts below
Hide Your Villains
the perfect villain game is shown in black and white, with text that reads what do they
Villains Worksheet - How to Craft a Perfect Villain
a poem written in black and white with the words how to write charter one
How To Write Chapter One
an image of the text that reads how to end your story
the instructions for how to write a scene in 11 steps, with text overlay
How to Write a Scene in 11 Steps (from John August) - ScreenCraft
the text on this page is in black and white
an image of someone's texting on their phone with the caption i stan goofy williams
Woman Livid Her Nephew Refused To Accept Guardianship Of Orphaned Half-Siblings, Goes Ballistic On His Wife