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Who would mess with this guy? Nobody

European Schoolboys Championships 2016 started in Zagreb. Stay tuned to know all the updates! Good luck to the boxers! More info here.

bear growl

A hiker was killed yesterday by a Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone National Park. This is the first time in 25 years that a Grizzly Bear has killed a hiker in Yellowstone, but there have been a high freque

It was already growling, and the growl was a low, rumbling snarl of spring-coiled menace, the sort of growl that starts in the back of one throat and ends up in someone else's.

Showing us a side of bears we rarely see, Canadian born photographer Jill "Manipulator" Greenberg captures the Ursidae family in all it's glory.

Bear- excellent shot of how they bare their teeth: they pull back the muscles in their muzzle, drawing back their nose and raising their upper lip.

Montana elk hunter survives run-in with grizzly by sticking arm into bear’s throat

Wild Animals – Dangerous, Still Cute

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