Martín Pettinari

Martín Pettinari

Todavía no sé usar esto. Pero cuando le agarre la mano voy a ser RE interesante.
Martín Pettinari
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Shintaro Ohata / ''AJISAI'' (painting, polystyrene based sculpture)

Artist Shintaro Ohata Seamlessly Blends Sculpture and Canvas to Create Paintings sculpture painting optical illusion

Shintaro Ohata / ''2'' (painting, polystyrene based sculpture)

Japanese artist Shintaro Ohata places sculptures in front of paintings and creates unique three-dimensional art. Painted sculptures and objects add depth to each creative artwork.

Shwood Titanium Collection

Portland-based eyewear company Shwood combines titanium and wood for an innovative new line of eyewear for Spring/Summer The Titanium collection combines Shwood´s signature hardwood designs with hi-tech and lightweight titanium, and includes th

Jeep Wrangler Nighthawk by Starwood Motors

Starwood Motors are known for building some of the hottest, meanest, most talked about Jeeps on the road. We have featured their awesome Full Metal Jacket Jeep before, but the supercharged Wrangler Nighthawk” has to be their most impressive release