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Simple aphid control - something yellow covered in vaseline

Pennies can keep your bird bath clear-read how and why

Using nail polish to rejuvinate solar cells

Keep slugs off your hostas by putting coffee grounds around them

Old door turned flower box

Insect Birdhouses | LTD Commodities

I can totally see this as my new craft 'room'! hehe

Adding to my flower garden this year! Angelonia -It's easy to grow and flowers profusely, great plant for our dry spells and heat. Not fussy about soil either. Butterflies love it!

Great idea! Rope lighting around the garden. Inexpensive, waterproof and you can use a timer.

Care & pruning of Clematis...gardening

Bed frame + drawer Planter

DIY drip paint flower pots!

Build Brick Garden Pathways Diy... -

Turn weedy walks into artful avenues with neat and attractive paths of brick.

DIY - Make your own garden sphere or orb (you could really have fun painting these in bright colors)

To ensure pollination of your raspberries, build a simple orchard mason bee house by drilling holes in a 4x4 and giving it a shingle-roof overhang. Secure the house to a sunny trellis pole, and the bees will come.

Slug be Gone: Put a tablespoon or two of cornmeal in a jar and lay it on its side wherever there is slug activity. The slugs love this stuff and after eating it they die.

Irrigation system for raised garden beds.

DIY Pour Painted Terra Cotta Pot Bird Bath in Blues & Greens

If you want a maintenance-free way to prevent your lawn from encroaching on your flower beds. And don't have to worry again about mulch or decorative stone in your flower bed working its way into your lawn. Here are the steps you can take to achieve this attractive and fairly inexpensive border.

Take that mosquitos!- Mosquito trap - Cut the top off a 2 liter bottle. Invert the cone and place it inside the straight part of the bottle. Glue the two pieces together. Add 1 tsp yeast and 1/2 cup sugar to some luke warm water, and pour the mixture into the bottle. Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that you exhale. The yeast feeds off the sugar and emits the same gas, so the mosquito enters the bottle, thinking she will find food there.