Baby shower game ~ "my water broke" ~ put a frozen baby in your drink and when your baby is unfrozen, yell "my water broke".. first one to yell wins!

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Guess mommy's belly size. You can use pink yarn or ribbon decorated with "it's a girl!" as each guest cuts off the amount they feel would best match the size of mommy's belly. The closest, without going over, wins. Great for a co-ed or girls only pink baby sprinkle.

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Co-ed Baby Shower- They had teams play 4 games: change a ”poopy” (pork and beans) diaper on a football, wipe, baby powder and put on a fresh diaper, the second game they had to drink out of baby bottles, the third game we had pie tins with 5 creepy looking babies hidden under whipped cream. Each team had to get them out with their mouth. The last game, the teams had to spin around on a bat ten times and carry an egg across the patio to their teammate.

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@Krista McNamara !!! Check out this game!! LMAO Birds and Soap, Soap and Birds: "She's About to Pop!" Baby shower game - balloon under there shirts, and hold a ping pong ball in between their knees, and waddle over to a jar that they have to drop it into.

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Bottle Chugging!! Give each guest a baby bottle and fill it with milk, juice, water, etc. Have everyone line up, and shout "Go!" The players have to drink the liquid as quickly as they can – through the nipple. (No unscrewing the top allowed!) Whoever finishes first is the winner. This game is especially entertaining if you're throwing a co-ed shower.

Free Printable Baby Shower Games #BabyShower

Activities: Blindfold baby change<<< so doing this for the baby shower :-) yes yes yall know im all about fun so as many games as possible and i love this one i want the shower to be soooo much fun and laughter to reflect my crazy personality

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