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Heksenstenen of Paramoudra's

Known as hag stones, holey stones or witch stones, rocks with a naturally occuring hole in them are said to give humans the ability to peer into the world of Faerie when they close one eye and peer through the hole. They are considered by cultures around the world to be a protective amulet when hung on a cord. The Irish say to have one is lucky; hang from a ribbon in your home if you find one.


Hagstones | DailyWicca

Witch's Familiar Hag Stones


Talismans of Claw, Key, Stone and Bone

Jos van Wunnik Love the natural shades of black and beige in these stone/beads


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The Hedgewitch Cooks Hag Stones Hag stones are traditionally holed stones that are hung in the home to protect the people who live there. They can be found usually on beaches .


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Cora van Leeuwen

Decorated hagstones, or adder stones, believed by Druids to have magical powers such as protection against eye diseases or evil charms, preventing nightmares, curing whooping cough, the ability to see through fairy or witch disguises and traps if looked at through the middle of the stone, and of course recovery from snakebite. According to popular conception, a true adder stone will float in water.


Cauldron Craft Oddities: Hag Stone Lore

Naturally-holed stones (called mare stones, hag stones, witch stones, or holey stones) are worn to protect from nightmares, the Mara, to bless holy water, to see spirits, and to aid in hedgecrossing and spirit work as well as protect you while doing so.


Talismans of Claw, Key, Stone and Bone

Skeleton Key Amulets. A key of flame for opening the door to the cunning fire and divine inspiration, a psychopomp’s key to the underworld with a hag stone and bird bone, and a mystic’s key for opening oneself to hidden wisdom.


Talismans of Claw, Key, Stone and Bone : Sarah Anne Lawless

Hag stones are stones that have a small hole running all the way through them, where the action of running water has created the hole in the stone. Hag stones are also known as Ephialtes stones, Holy stones, Holey stones, Wish stones. Nightmare stones and Witch Riding stones. Photo: The Hedge Witches Grove


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from MINERALARTS: Iron and Thorn

Moon Pebble Necklace

I love natural jewelry


Moon Pebble Necklace