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businka_lisa: Для любования и вдохновения:)

Bead crochet necklace with an Ann Dillon slider bead

Artist Mirosław Maszlanko

Artist Mirosław Maszlanko~ Inspiration only

Bijou & Mignon

"A friend is, as it were, a second self." --Cicero - Seal point Siamese sleep by the window.

Masao Yamamoto

Masao Yamamoto

Elegant & Modern xoSocialite

off the shoulder perfection

Magic Wire mesh sculpture by Pauline Ohrel -Blog Graphiste / Sculptures, photos, Ver & Vie….

Add something similar to the wildflower meadow. love the wispy aspect.Magic Wire mesh sculptures by Pauline Ohrel (FR)

enchanted forest fantasy fairy garland lariat by beautifulplace - wool, ribbons and needle felted leaves and flowers

she is found in enchanted gardens of glistening leaves that sing whispered songs, magical blooms that are smiling and mysterious berries.

Collana realizzata con elementi a crochet ed inserti di stoffe con grammature diverse. Inspiration...WOW  Arricchita ulteriormente da alternanze di passamaneria e filati materici.

Bijoux textile Elena Fiore www.

fabric art pendant, curtain tie back, garland, collage element...lovely!

felt flower by elena fire


"Tota reciclados" (Marcela Muñiz & Valeria Hasse) , Necklace, pieces of…