Seriously, tho...

It's not worth the jail time.It's not worth the jail time.It's not worth the jail time.It's not worth the jail time.

Mood poisoning…

Mood poisoning…

Funny pictures about Mood poisoning. Oh, and cool pics about Mood poisoning. Also, Mood poisoning.

I came, I saw, I made it awkward.

I Made It Awkward

Introverts Unite T-Shirt

tattoo by murieldemai

Boys Whatever, Cats Forever tattoo by murieldemai! Mine would say dogs forever but I like it!


And when I see patients birth dates at work, I'm sometimes surprised when they are clearly coming by themselves under their own insurance through their good job, rather than being brought by their mom, as I had originally thought.

BREAKING: I was just elected President

I'm not only the President of the National Sarcasm Society.I'm also a member.

Saddle up.

Becky tank

Shitshow – Buy Me Brunch Teske Goldsworthy Teske Goldsworthy Teske…

Shirley Maclaine in What A Way To Go! 1964

what started my obsession with pink, and pink hair. shirley maclaine & gene kelly in What a way to go

Yes haha

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