nice outfit

"Casual Day" by susan-goben-fabian - like the outfit not the purse or the shoes

Bleach Pen to draw a design on a t-shirt such an awesome idea

Bleach Pen T-Shirt DIY Design Idea. Soo gonna invest in a bleach pin! SOOO gotta do this for a Tangled shirt and a Jack Frost shirt!

Bleach t-shirts

GOTTA TRY THIS.just need to find a tee shirt I want to use from my closet.Six Sisters' Stuff: DIY Bleach T-shirt Tutorial - The Perfect Valentines Gift for Him or Her!

Casual and Cute

I'm not crazy about the boots and the scarf but absolutely love the bag, jeans & tank! Sweater and bracelet add unique touches to a classic outfit.

pretty pink

Dressed up in Pink Sequin Tank top and Blazer over your jeans. Love the accessories in this outfit!

Sparkly is a neutral, you know.

New Year's Party Outfit Ideas, I have this sparkle top in brown and brown blazer?