**Detox destress bath**

Detox destress bath - once a week for 20 mins, sit in a hot bath that contains a handful of Epsom salts, 10 drops of lavender essential oil, and a half cup of baking soda

Miss Congeniality Quotes I LOVE Sandra Bullock. She is so funny and this is like my most favorite movie EVER

Harry Potter inspired butterbeer latte recipe.

Harry Potter Inspired Butterbeer Latte

We'll call it a "dessert drink". a cousin of the humble milkshake :) ~ Harry Potter inspired butterbeer latte recipe! Super delicious and quick to make; only five ingredients!

No new books or movies in years, yet still relevant. Gotta love it.

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How are 11 year old in relationships and kissing and stuff when I can't even talk to the check out lady at Target without stuttering.

<3 I like the idea that the doctor has some input on his regeneration, though I think he would have been less...eleven if he really did. Maybe it's just all for Rose.

Brilliant theory from "Not Some New Man: The Hidden Pattern Behind the Doctor’s Regenerations". i love the Doctor, and Rose.

Santa's Favorite Ho !!!! Lmao oh my god I am getting this!

Santa's Favorite Ho | Baseball Tee

23 Gifts David Tennant Has Graced The World With - BuzzFeed Mobile

David Tennant and 'Trust Me I'm a Doctor' T-shirt - Billie Piper bought this T-shirt for David Tennant when they started filming Doctor Who together.

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