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Sort and Count Maths Bottles

Instead of numbers write the color word on the bottles. Sort pom-poms by color. Empty each bottle and count the pom-poms. Then record how many pom-poms were in each bottle. Add the two colors together for addition practice.

Teaching children to use glue bottles correctly

Teaching Children to Use Glue Bottles

Teaching children to use glue bottles correctly. Simple school supply practice for the start of the year.

Rockabye Butterfly: using Banagrams/Scrabble tiles in reading practice

Idea: build sight words with scrabble tiles LINK: Rockabye Butterfly: BOB Books- SamPrintables and extension activities for BOB books (one great idea: use bananagrams game to build words)

Shape Sorting Activities for Toddlers from Minne Mama

Shape Sorting for Toddlers

Shape Sorting Activities for via Minne Mama (pinned by Super Simple Songs) letter of the week is I, ice cube tray activity.

Little Stars Learning: Our 25 Activities of Circle Time

Little Stars Learning: Our 25 Activities of Circle Time. This can be a valuable time and this post shows how to effectively fit the most into…

Avec des bouchons

Two to Three Year Old activity 'Bottle Top Alphabet' helps little ones develop Cognitive and Language skills in just 15 mins. *Match lower case to upper case letters

25 DIY Educational Activities for Kids - there are some really great ideas on this site!

A, Bee, C, Preschool: Building Shapes. Kindergarten readiness: Colored craft sticks are labeled with the number of sides each shape has, ie: 3 purple sticks - triangle. The children will choose a color and build the matching colored shape from the sticks.

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