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    Gifted and Talented teaching ideas k-8

    Great projects and activities for G+T students grades K-8; and effective teaching strategies to use with these students

    Gifted and Talented teaching ideas k-8

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    22 Ways To Use Twitter For Learning Based On Bloom’s Taxonomy

    22 Ways To Use Twitter For Learning Based On Bloom's Taxonomy

    twitter spectrum 2

    20 Interesting Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom

    You failed. OUTSTANDING! 37 second video to reinforce that failure is an important part of learning! Terrific as a discussion starter!

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    Creativity For Kids

    RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms

    Wonderopolis...Every day see a scientific wonder, then click to learn more about it! OUTSTANDING science site!!!

    The Wild Rumpus: January 2013

    Developing a Growth Mindset in Teachers and Staff | Edutopia

    Developing a Growth Mindset in Teachers and Staff

    Growth Mindset: A Driving Philosophy, Not Just a Tool | Edutopia

    Growth Mindset: A Driving Philosophy, Not Just a Tool

    True Grit: The Best Measure of Success and How to Teach It | Edutopia

    True Grit: The Best Measure of Success and How to Teach It

    Best careers for our personality type.

    The Best Careers For Your Personality Type


    How to help Gifted Children?- An Interview with Prof. Dr. Karen B. Rogers

    Math Talk Move Poster. Amazing post about effective math talk (and yes, you can download this poster for free!)

    Getting Started with Effective Math Talk in the Classroom

    Fixed vs. growth mindset bulletin board. Love this!

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    Lots of ideas here to help you organize a Wax Museum. Awesome way to integrate social studies and reading and writing and the kids (and parents) really enjoy it too!

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    Oh wow! Love this! It would be so helpful to show kids how to aim for better (and deeper) questions!!

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    Critical thinking skills chart. Awesome visual with lots of suggestions for putting these skills to use!

    s2d - iPad - Learning Tool

    Creative Thinking for Kids. I like that I can start using these suggestions today! My son loves #5!

    Top 10 Ways to Encourage Creative Thinking - Hand Made Kids Art

    Getting cover letter or grad essay writer's block? Check out: Brainstorming For Creativity. (Or come see us!)

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    10 Picture Books that Inspire Creativity {}

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    There's some really cool stuff here. This fantastic collection of resources is brought to you by littleBIGidea. I’ve scoured the internet, including all of my favourite social media sites, to bring you so there is sure to be something for everyone!

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    Yes! You can challenge your gifted kids! With this list of 100 Games for Gifted kids.

    100 Games for Gifted Kids - Great Peace Academy

    The Marshmallow Challenge. This activity encourages creativity, problem solving and teamwork…. skills that are essential for becoming an innovator in today’s rapidly changing world. Click here to watch a short video detailing TED Talk presenter Tom Wujec’s experiences using the Marshmallow Challenge with thousands of participants...

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    Take time to reflect on student learning and create “Mindset Moments.” These small moments used to reflect on growing as a learner benefit not just those who share, but every student in your class.

    Mindset Moments: Showcasing Student Growth |

    7 essentials for meaningful project based learning

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    Characteristics of highly creative people - geared towards adults, but many creative kids also exhibit these traits.

    18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently

    14 Amazing Project Sites…. A STEM, PBL, Common Core Series… A Goldmine of Resources

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