vintage style

Stereoluxe AM/FM Radio and MP3 Dock

Stereoluxe AM/FM Radio and Dock. Overview:* A sleek and stylish classic sound system with modern functionality and a vintage-inspired design* Integrated universal dock for your iPod or iPhone for playing and charging* Analog Am/FM radio tuner* Portabl

Braun signal radio ABR 21

Radio Design, Human Centered Design, Dieter Rams Design, Braun Dieter Rams, Dab Radio, Audiophile, Digital Radio, User Interface, Design Concepts

yellow radio

yellow radio, my teen room was yellow and orange, white modern furniture with…

Braun SK-2 Radio designed by Dieter Rams

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Aquesta la tinc, en color crema. Bush Radio

Teléfonos & radios - Doctor Paper/ Paper items and gifts

Aquesta la tenia la meva iaia, de color taronja

Panasonic Toot A Loop Radio. The one we had was white. Only received AM band. Good old AM radio!