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The Mystery of John Titor: Traveler in Time of the Year 2036 (Proof of time travel) - Infinity Explorers Time Travel Proof, Theoretical Physics, Unexplained Phenomena, Taking Shape, American Soldiers, Alternative Energy, Time Of The Year, Close To My Heart, Team Building

Picture supposedly from John Titor and posted by "Pamela." This photograph depicts John's instructor demonstrating to John the effects of gravity distortion with the C204 on low power. The distortion is evidenced by the laser pointer and the bending of the laser light.

time travel schematics get free image about wiring diagram Science Fiction, Books Art, Writers Notebook, Old Computers, World War One, Back In Time, Ancient Aliens, Close To My Heart, Art Design

Page from the C204 owner's manual. Notice in the list below the diagram that several labels are missing. -courtesy John Titor, 2000/2001

The mystery of John Titor: 'Time traveller' from year 2036 warned us of NUCLEAR WAR Unexplained Disappearances, Unexplained Phenomena, Spiritual Eyes, Game Room Basement, Nuclear War, Conspiracy Theories, Ancient Aliens, Close To My Heart, Time Travel

The C204 Gravity Distortion Unit in Titor's car, supposedly a "1967 Chevrolet" and probably a 1967 Chevy Camaro or Corvette. -courtesy John Titor, 2000/2001

Who was John Titor, the 'time traveller' who came from 2036 to warn us of a nuclear war? Aliens And Ufos, Ancient Aliens, Internet Hoaxes, Coast To Coast Am, Nuclear War, Travel Words, Time Travel, Travel Photos, Mystery

177th Temporal Recon unit patch depicting a Kerr singularity. The two curved lines curving in from the outer edge represent two things: 1) the two possible outcomes from any given mission, the path to success and the path to God (death). Temporal drivers must accept both eventualities as possible and 2) the two paths of matter as they approach a Kerr black hole, one escaping and one not. Current science theorizes that the escaping matter can be used as a power source.

Purportedly official documentation showing the proper insurance of Titor's vehicle while on this timeline. Unexplained Phenomena, State Of Florida, Ancient Aliens, Close To My Heart, Time Travel, Timeline, Vehicle, Pictures, Photos

Purportedly official documentation showing the proper insurance of Titor's vehicle while on this timeline. -Courtesy John Titor, 2000/2001

John Titor: The “Time Traveller” From 2036 Who Spoke of World War III, Time Travel, and Superverses Nuclear War, Old Computers, Small Moments, Post Date, World War One, Cover Pages, Warfare, Time Travel, Civilization

Cover page photograph of the C204 Gravity displacement unit with its control unit.