Story of my life people bug me so much uggh.. I mean I live them but uggggggg!!! Who's with me? //bro. i am a boarder. i am surrounded idiotic boycrazy GIRLS that i have to deal with don't you "i hate people" me. (i am not okay.)

/// I wrote this I took out a pen and wrote it on the floor of a public bathroom and I was crying the entire time thats why its so shaky

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I held the box with my supplies in it closely, walking into the empty classroom carefully. "I don't know how much of a fresh start I can get at this point," I muttered, putting my things on the desk.

is you want to be related to someone and someone else already has it then ask to use them stealing let anyone feel left to me of you have don't have too many trigger interruptions. Even if its an intro pin. If there isn't a comment on it then comment