Street Art by Herakut ~

Actually, we have some Herakut art in Toronto! On the south side of Dundas Street East, just east of Logan! (Street Art by

Northern Lights over Portage Lake & Chugach Mountains, Alaska

A Mother's Touch

Northern Lights over Portage Lake & Chugach Mountains, Alaska. Alaska and Northern Lights. Two things I want to see

look up

The reason i have chosen this photo is because of the darkness and the tall trees going up into the dark sky. I like this as it fits the theme of my game and i would use this to help me design dark trees and skies.

David Zinn

David Zinn’s Artwork David Zinn’s Quirky Chalk and Charcoal Characters on the Streets of Ann Arbor

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

in high school, we would take the train to Shinjuku station. looking for trouble. wasnt hard to find.

I love this perspective.

Increase Sharpness in Long Exposure Photography -In this photo there is a long exposure. The long exposure makes the sky blurry. There is also a shallow depth of field. The shallow depth of field makes the tree in focus and the sky out of focus.

Bring It

Break out the champagne! Few color combos are as elegant as Black and Gold. Today we are pinning BLACK & GOLD!

Photo by Man Ray

The American photographer Man Ray, 1890 portrayed an accordionist. His works are attributed to the Dadaism and Surrealism.