Snowman Soup. The kids thought this was so cool. I saw a few variations, but what I did was...I made a Publisher file for the poem, and I printed it and taped it to Styrofoam cups. At our party, we put hot chocolate, hot water, and optional marshmallows in the cups, and helped the kids stir it up with a candy cane. Some of the kids didn't want to have minty hot chocolate, so they just stirred with candy wrapper on (or got a spoon). Yummy and cute snack. AW2015

Snowman soup hot chocolate for Christmas classroom gifts-pair this with a cute snowman cup made out of a styrofoam cup for the kids to drink out of. The snowman soup consists of a hot chocolate packet, mini marshmallows and a candy cane.

Used this for Preschool children. Had presorted foam letters and one Cricut precut circle per letter, plus extra circle for snowman head. I provided wiggle eyes, pom poms, and buttons. Teachers helped the kids cut out little hats. Taping the circles on the back helped them stick together. The kids liked this craft - it took some time to advance prep, but it was worth. AW2015

Name Snowmen Winter Activity for Preschoolers - Fun-A-Day

We did this with 2's & 3's. Brilliant and simple. Had the poem printed out on cardstock, and the teacher helped the children put their handprint on the card. Teacher finished turkey for kids. Cute, simple, fun, messy, keepsake for parents. Can't go wrong!  AW, 2015

A Thanksgiving Full of Gratitude This isn't just a turkey, as anyone can see. I made it with my hand, which is part of me. It comes with lots of love especially to say, I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving Day!

I made these in my office one day for our annual Trunk or Treat. I wouldn't recommend having kids make this craft - it was challenging enough for me to make it! I found that hot glue worked great, and I just took 2 pipe cleaners & cut them in half & wrapped them around the lollipop stem. The little spiders were well received as a decoration, & later, as a snack! ToT, 2015

spider halloween crafts

lollipops, black pipe cleaners and small wiggly eyes. center pipe cleaners around lollipop stick, and twist tight. repeat 4 times to make 8 legs. glue on eyes. bend ends of pipe cleaners so they look like spider legs

We made these as a snack for preschool children. Just used blue ribbon as scarf, and Sharpie markers to draw buttons and face. We skipped the hat. Kids liked this snack. AW2015

String cheese snowmen

A simple idea that's too cute not to share: string cheese snowmen. So many creative snack ideas for kids involve sugar, so I was thrilled to find these as an alternative. Perfect for a class party craft.

For our Build a Snowman Game, here's a visual reference for how we divided the pieces. Again, just search Pinterest for snowman parts that interest you. We also used wiggle eyes, buttons, and pom pom's for kids who wanted them. AW2015

Build a Snowman Activity Tray

Snowman Activity - happy hooligans - winter activity tray for kids - Build a snowman w/random home items.

I took this idea, and made it my own. Used pretty much the same Scripture references for the most part. I just created Publisher file, heart shape, made it colorful and printed and cut them out. I also laminated them. Made 14 hearts. I used this with 1st-5th graders. I hid the hearts around the classroom, and they had to find them. Then, the child who found the heart gave it away for someone else to look up the verse. This worked out perfectly for Valentine's Sunday, 2016.

Valentine's Scripture Countdown for Families

Looking for a meaningful way to countdown to Valentine's day this year? This FREE Printable Valentine's Scripture Countdown is simple to make, easy to use! Your kids will love the mystery of it all as they wrap themselves in God's love!

Free Holiday Printable Coloring Pages Pretty self explanatory coloring page. Nice filler. AW 2015.

Thousands of free Christmas coloring pages for kids. Print off these free Christmas coloring pages for an instant activity and holiday decorations.