T. K. Pereira (Escriba Encapuzado)

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Brasil  ·  Escritor de coração e analista de sistemas por necessidade, T. K. Pereira alterna rascunhos de histórias e códigos, sonhando em viver de sua literatura.
T. K. Pereira (Escriba Encapuzado)
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A Princesa e o Canalha - Um Romance Pulp -- Arte por Timothy Anderson

Illustrator Timothy Anderson, whose Star Wars Spaghetti Western posters were featured on Neatorama a while back, is back: this time, he has reimagined Star Wars as pulp fiction. Behold, the Star Wars Pulp Covers! Link - via Geek Tyrant.

Darth Vader Medieval? -- Arte por Prince Armory

Samuel Lee of Prince Armory has created a brilliant leather suit of medieval armor that looks like the one Darth Vader wears in Star Wars. The amazing amount of detail, evil black leather, and dead.

Ungoliant e Melkor -- Arte por rubendevela

Speaking of Ungoliant, this impressive rendition by rubendevela on DeviantArt illustrates the showdown between Ungoliant and Melkor. I apologize in advance if I’ve given you nightmare fodder for tonight!

Entrada de Lugaralgum. Portal. Lar do Proscrito. O Abrigo Sobre o Lago. -  por Artista Desconhecido

Only in a fantasy world-Could there be a place like this-A door to who knows where-Could be the great abyss-But in a dream world-You could make it just for you-A beautiful land of enchantment-The moment you stepped through.