Tolga Kazancıoğlu

Tolga Kazancıoğlu

Tolga Kazancıoğlu
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Game of Thrones....

Funny pictures about So what's your real name? Oh, and cool pics about So what's your real name? Also, So what's your real name?

World on your sleeve :: Tatty

Call me crazy but I want a tattoo of either a GLOBE or a map of the WORLD tattooed somewhere on my body.Everytime I go somewhere I will add a dot to the map

Idée tatouage : une mappemonde dans la nuque

I love the idea of adding a small cross to, or colouring in, every place you visit. "We are the world. Travel the world.

fuck off

Yes, fuck off.and stop pinning around me you nosy twat. FFS I wish I'd never met you! Where's the Rewind button on my life so I can go back and step around your sorry ass?

izmir / Turkey

Izmir / Turkey, SNOW is rare in İzmir ( only eery years in winter you can see snow, and it does not last long, a few days) , in fact it is hot for months.

Hello Mr. Fox!

The documentary on it is incredible. The fox RAN across the snow to get a look at this guy taking pictures. It was very interested and if the photographer had wanted he could have pet it. But he respected wild animals and just took its pic.