Ian Somerhalder

Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries, Ian somerhalder, Ian somerhalder, see no one can resist a man in a tie

Big Dreams & Fantastic Plots: Photo Everyone has their movie star crush and mine happens to be Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill, my future husband, Superman, Man of Steel, and hopefully Christian Grey.

Joey Lawrence

Dress Shirts For Men 2013 Men Fashion Trends/ The vest is poppin with the shirt, colors are cool too!

Bomer. shirtless. BOOM!

Forget the fact hes gay, hes my second husband Matt Bomer (White Collar).

Oh my god, yes!!!

Ian Somerhalder Leaving the Vampire Diaries? Leaving Ian Somerhalder the Vampire Diaries? He posting strange things about vampire

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Hahahahaaa this is do me Henry Cavill USA Today Photo Shoot, Beverly Hills, 2011 ~ "Keep Calm