trepadeira com flores

trepadeira com flores

Dani Alcântara: Alguns trabalhos de paisagismo!!! S2

Except that the leaves trap water, I think and may be breeding places for mosquitos.

rosa trepadeira …

a Rose Tunnel! Imagine the delightful scent as you walk! Life Sometimes Can Be A Path Of Roses

17 Flores Extraordinárias Que Parecem Ser Outra Coisa

IS THIS FOR REAL? ^White Egret orchid (Habenaria-Radiata) is found in China, Japan, Korea, and Russia. This flower looks like a white egret with its plumage puffed out.

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flowers that look like other things

Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis) - a gorgeous orchid that resembles a bird. The incredible beauty of Mother Nature!

Flying duck orchids....oddities in nature!!!...pretty amazing actually....b♡

ANOTHER DUCK.The Flying Duck Orchid (Caleana major). It’s a small orchid, about 50 cm tall, that grows in eastern and southern Australia. It’s the most remarkable flower – it seriously looks just like a male duck in flight!

The flower Aristolochia salvador platensis seems a bit like Darth Vader from Star Wars!

Creepy skull flower, also known as Darth Vader flower: Aristolochia salvador platensis

Parrot flower from South America

Parrot flower of Thailand:- This is a Parrot Flower native to Thailand. It is a protected species and resembles a parrot quite vividly. This flower can not be exported from the country so this is a rare opportunity to see such an amazing sight.

Dancing Girls (Impatiens Bequaertii)

The Dancing Girl Impatiens! Impatiens bequaertii is a rare species from the rainforests of east Africa ♥ Beautiful flowers :) garden gardening pretty cool fashion design flower

pitcher plant looks like a green butterfly

The pitcher plant - looks like a butterfly! It's so hardly notice the Hummingbird. Looks so much like a Luna moth!