New York City

New York City, Flat Iron building. Street and criss cross Avenue running straight south and Broadway running Left south. Greenery is Madison Square Park. Saw this from the Empire State :)

St Louis

Louis, Missouri-The Arch.I lived outside St Louis until age 15 and I remember the Arch being built. It's quite awe inspiring in todays world of architectual achievements, but was really something back then!


The Seattle Space Needle: Since I've started watching Grey's Anatomy, I've been wanting to see this tower for real. Plus, Rachel and Kathy are in Seattle. So, yes. this is a must see, must visit place ♥

Denver, Colorado, USA

The beautiful Denver Colorado skyline with Elitch Gardens Amusement park.

St Louis

The Gateway Arch, or Gateway to the West,is an arch that is the centerpiece of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. It was built as a monument to the westward expansion of the United States