Nemoptera or spoonwing photo by Jo Williams. Recognized by very long hind-wing prolongations, they are of the Palearctic genus, and their diet is exclusively floral, preferring open spaces in full sunshine

Dragonfly totem: You are full of light. It flows through you. You are constantly transforming throughout your life; each time closer to your highest evolved self.

Not a believer in wiccan beliefs, but dragonflies represent my sister. This speaks to me. Dragonfly Poster Size Wicca Pagan Witch Totem Goth Punk Book of Shadows

Love dragonflies :)

The Dragonfly speaks of greater dimensions of reality, and helps us to travel to a realm of light color in which spiritual expansion is possible. These colors are great for the Dragonflies for my tat.

Interesting! Dragonfly Garden Hose Wreath

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I love Dragonflies!

I wonder if anyone else has lost someone. And soon after had visits from the dragonfly. I have lost my daughter and dragonflies always find me everywhere I go!

Greek Damselfly

Greek Damselfly, damselflies can be found in freshwater habitats from temporary pools to waterfalls, but individual species occupy only habitats within a certain range of water speeds. IT'S SOOOO BEAUTIFUL! LOOK AT IT!

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