Forget tree houses and mini kitchens, I'm building my kids a hobbit hole.

How to Build a Hobbit Hole House

Forget playhouses and mini kitchens, I'm building my children a hobbit hole. ~ Actually, I'll build ME a hobbit hole and then my lucky kids will get to play in there with me :)

I'd LOVE to live in this!

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The Hobbit Motel in New Zealand...I need to go here.

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Woodlyn Park in New Zealand (the Hobbit Motel). You can stay in one of the two hill-side burrows that are almost identical to the ones J. Tolkien talks about in his books - MOM! Lets go to New Zealand and stay in The Hobbit Hotel!

Hobbit home.

Real life hobbit home…

Real life hobbit home…i think i'd be the happiest girl alive if i could live my life in a hobbit style home.:) it's the little things in life :D

So awesome! It looks like a little gnome house on the outside, but inside it can fit a real person! :)

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I want to build the kids a play house like this under the back yard. OMG it's a hobbit hole! YES!

The famous rolling hills of Matamata – where Hobbiton was filmed in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the upcoming The Hobbit film. Image by Ian Brodie c/o Tourism New Zealand

New Zealand for Hobbit-hunters: how to visit Middle-earth

Hobbiton (film set) Matamata NZ The Shire where hobbits from J.Tolkien Lord of the rings lived

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Sheep farm near Matamata, New Zealand used as the movie set location for the village of Hobbiton in the Shire, Middle-earth. After filming LOTR, the hobbit-holes were repurposed as sheep dwellings.

The Hobbit Bar in New Zealand.

The Hobbit Bar in New Zealand.

The Hobbit Bar in New Zealand. How many people can say they have had a beer in a hobbit bar? I don't even drink and I would love to do this!

custom built Hobbit house

Custom built Hobbit house…

Funny pictures about Custom built Hobbit house. Oh, and cool pics about Custom built Hobbit house. Also, Custom built Hobbit house.

The Shire

Love hobbits and hobbit houses! It would be so cool to live in a hobbit house! Hobbit House, Rotorua, New Zealand