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Things that Amuse me (Probably Snarky)

Nerd Girl Problem #409: No one gets the references on your t-shirts. This truly is a problem for me and it just isn't fair. I wear geeky t-shirts and it's like playing a game. Lets see if anyone will recognize my shirt and give me some sort of feed back. Nope, try again tomorrow...

For my yoga friends who love kitties.

How to remove the bottom of glass bottles without cutting. I would have never known!

I'd laugh, but I've actually said this.

Find The King Optical Illusion

Hug Optical Illusion - This is a really good one. Don't read the comments until you give up.

More Optical Illusions

  • Tracy Murray

    This one makes my eyes feel like I am getting a migraine. I can't watch it for very long.

You know what I'm talkin' about.

Graffiti Bouguereau - classic paintings in modern settings

This one actually causes a physical reaction in your eyes!

I love optical illusions.

In this low-budget descendant of Psycho, Ursula and Leon are sister and brother, living alone, save for a large wooden puppet they call "Pin"