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Quick reminder that my next shop update will be this Wednesday at EST! I'm in the Witch City of Salem for the day, gathering inspiration for my next batch of pieces. I hope you're all having a wonderful Saturday. 🌿 {📷 from pinterest}


Any pattern can be created using pavingstones. This stunning pattern was created using Cambridge Pavingstones with Armortec.


Magnificent blooms in a landscape design


Claire Austin -Cupped buds of pale lemon, gradually open to form large, creamy white flowers of a typical English Musk delicacy and strong fragrance. A strong and particularly healthy variety that produces elegant, arching canes with medium green foliage. One of David Austin's finest white roses to date. Growing to 1.5m tall it can also be trained as a moderate climber.


Картинки о даче, на этот раз - сочетающие практичность (иногда долговременную, иногда не очень) и гармоничный внешний вид. Называть все это "идеями" язык не…