Ticket by markmak.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Ticket by markmak on DeviantArt, so funny!

Didn't even notice this. FFFFEEEEEEELLLSSS!

Remember that episode where Mabel tried so hard to get Grunckle Stan to say please? And it was nearly IMPOSSIBLE? This kind of grabbed me right in the feels- Grunckle Stan said please to Mabel when she was about to switch off the portal.

Pearl doodles~! | Steven Universe | Know Your Meme

Pearl doodles~!

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I can't wait until Star and Marco meet again!!!  Credit to leonardofrei on tumblr  |Star vs the Forces of Evil|

Everyone is freaking out about her leaving and stuff, but like, he can literally cut through the the air to get to her in 2 seconds flat if he wanted to.

Deadly sins

Have you guys noticed that the main charcters of a show or movie have negative traits while most villains have the good traits? I assume it's to show that not everyone is wholly good or evil.

Hello, Meaghan!

I heard it was a special set of twins’ birthday a few days ago!