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Heading for a camping trip in an SUV? Forget about carrying a separate tent or a sleeping bag if you have the SUV Air Bed.

OnlyTM SUV Dedicated Car Mobile Cushion Air Bed Bedroom Inflation Travel Thicker Mattress Back Seat Extended Mattress

How to Recharge Alkaline Batteries Great to know, save money but you need to do it right #shtf #prepping #survival

About a month ago, I learned that it was possible not not only to test old alkaline batteries to see if they are still are usable, but also that, with the right type of charger, you can bring dead batteries back to life and that you can actually.

How To Build A Hydroelectric Generator (FREE PDF Plans!)

5 Gallon Bucket hydroelectric generator design: to provide a source of electricity that can be built cheap and hooked up to any source of flowing water – including irrigation systems, creeks and streams, or even sewage systems.

Build a 6-Month Food Stockpile on a Tight Budget | Make “Off-The-Grid” Super Foods Secretly In Your Home by Survival Life at

Despite what you often see on TV and in the movies, stockpiling food is not only for those with conspiracy theories or living through a zombie apocalypse. It is now a part of life for those of us who are “what if” people or those with very strict budgets.

The Trapper’s Bible by Dale Martin: The Only Book on Trapping the Survivalist Will Ever Need | Hunter-Trader-Trapper

The Trapper's Bible: Traps, Snares & Pathguards By Dale Martin Terrific book about traditional primitive traps!

3D Printing in wood, insects and clay - interesting new materials being used in 3D printers

Printing in clay - article discusses interesting new materials being used including wood and insects. Very earthy.